How to Make Chai Tea to Reduce Inflammation, Strengthen Immunity, and Improve Digestion

Suffering from digestion problems or coming down with a cold? Chai tea will help you strengthen your immune system and improve digestion. Chai tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps destroy free radicals that are thought to be one of the causes of cancer, skin breakdown, and other disorders.

How to Make Chai Tea to Reduce Inflammation, Strengthen Immunity, and Improve Digestion

3 cups purified water

1 cinnamon stick

2 tablespoons grated, fresh ginger

1/2 teaspoon each whole clove

8 cardamom pods

1 cup full-fat coconut milk

Sweeten to taste with raw honey

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Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea Immediately & How To Make Ginger Tea

Ginger is a superfood. It possesses an amazing ability to enhance immunity, improve digestion and reduce inflammation

How to Make Ginger Tea


  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • Coconut milk, to taste
  • Raw organic honey, to taste

Bring water to boil. Add  ginger and turmeric, reduce heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. 
Stir in milk and strain tea into a cup. Add honey to taste!
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Do You Love Drinking Tea? Well Now You Have More Reasons To Keep Doing It!

Tea is the most common drink worldwide, outranked only by water. It’s a drink you have to love, because it’s delicious, it warms you up, there are different kinds to suit everyone’s taste. Now, medicine has proved that our favorite drink deserves this love, as it is the best drink you can have when it comes to your health. Here’s five very good reasons to keep drinking tea!
  1. It helps you survive!
Tea started being popular around the 18th century, as the boiled water was the safest way to shield the human body from water-borne pathogens that in that time caused great epidemics, like cholera or typhoid. Later on, the research on tea ingredients discovered that tea contains a group of bioactive components truly beneficial for human health. These are called polyphenols and they include catechins and tannins. Catechins have anti-oxidant properties and tannins help the human body absorb iron.
  1. It sharpens your brain!
Tea has the property of boosting braining activity, due to some of its components, like catechins, caffeine and L-theanine. The combination of the two latter components has been proved to enhance one’s cognitive function around 2 hours after the consumption of tea. They mainly affect alertness and attention-switching accuracy, as well as visual and auditory attention. Catechins, on the other hand, have a calming effect on the brain.
  1. It helps you lose weight!
Two Dutch scientists have examined the effect of tea drinking, in comparison to coffee drinking, on one’s ability to lose weight, expend energy and burn down fat. Evidence showed that people who consume tea are more likely to break down fat, and also they are more capable of regulating their weight and sustaining their weight loss.


Cancer Fighters

Tea contains a large group of bioactive components known as polyphenols. These antioxidants help fight rogue cell growth and protect against other degenerative disorders. Green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants due to the way it is produced and dried, but all teas contain antioxidants.

Brain Function

Components in tea, specifically catechins, caffeine, and the amino acid L-theanine, can boost brain activity. The combination of L-theanine and caffeine has been found to increase mental alertness and attention-switching accuracy up to 2 hours after consumption. They have also been found to enhance accuracy of visual and auditory attention.

Weight Loss

Studies have found that the combination of catechins and caffeine in green tea can help you take care of your figure. Green tea increases energy expenditure that leads to fat oxidation (breaking down fat). Green tea was also found to help with weight regulation, meaning it helps keep that weight off.


Researchers have discovered the women who drink three to four or more cups of tea per day had a 16% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes. They also found improvements in fasting blood insulin and waist circumference.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that both green tea and black tea have helped reduce the risk of heart disease in adults or others who are at high risk. Green and black tea have both been found to significantly reduce blood pressure. Black tea has also been found to lower bad cholesterol levels, while green tea reduces total cholesterol.

Tea has always been a drink that comforts and calms us, from the simple act of brewing it to the warmth we feel from drinking it. Now, we can bask in the fact that it will help us live long and happy lives, so put the kettle on and drink up!


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6 Great Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

When people think of a Dandelion, they usually think of it as a weed. But anyone who knows anything about herbs will tell you this awesome plant has so many health benefits that treating them as pests is such a waste.

The yellow flowered plants we frequently see on lawns, aren’t true dandelions, they are part of the dandelion family but they are not the ones to drink as tea, so please don’t go and start drinking those okay 🙂

Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root has been used for centuries for many different medicinal purposes. Today you’ll discover a few of the benefits of drinking dandelion root tea because drinking the root tea is one of the most common ways to consume it.

It’s also referred to as dandelion root coffee too, probably due to the fact that it makes a dark brown coloured tea and tastes good with honey and milk. I prefer to drink it black on most occasions but it does make a wonderful winter warmer in the form of dandelion chai too, using cinnamon, cloves and cardomon pods.

Anyway let’s get on with some of the benefits.

6 Great Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

1. Vitamin and Mineral Power

Dandelion roots contain a surprising amount of nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin B complex, C, D, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. The benefit of the vitamins and minerals alone makes this plant a powerful addition to any diet.

2. Best Hangover Cure

One of dandelions major medicinal uses is in treating liver ailments. It has a cleansing effect on the liver. Alcohol floods the liver and lets just say the next day after a big night out, your liver and other organs are going to feel sluggish, making you feel terrible! Drink a few cups of dandelion root tea and believe me you will be springing back into action quick smart. It’s best to drink it black and unsweetened in this situation but if you can’t stomach it this way, drinking it with milk and honey will work effectively too.

3. Relieve Digestive Issues

Your digestive system is a complicated place with many organs performing their various functions. Many people experience discomfort in the digestive region than any other part of the body. Gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion are just a few of the common ailments that come from this area. If you are prone to this type of discomfort, drink some dandelion root tea right after you eat. The tea stimulates digestive enzymes from your mouth all the way down to your small intestine giving you quick relief.

4. Ease Premenstrual Symptoms

Women have been dealing with premenstrual symptoms way before there were drug stores. Water retention, anxiety, irritability and insomnia are some symptoms of PMS that can be helped by herbs. The estrogen levels are at an all-time high for some women at this time of the month. Dandelion is a detoxification herb that helps the liver rid the body of unwanted hormones. In order to reduce the build up of hormones, it is recommended that women drink three cups of dandelion root tea every day during their cycle for effective reduction of symptoms.

5. Lower High Cholesterol

The liver has been long recognised as playing a big part in high cholesterol levels. The body makes it’s own cholesterol via the liver so if your liver is over producing cholesterol or your digestive system isn’t processing it properly, you may get high cholesterol levels. As mentioned above, dandelion root is helpful to the digestive system and it is actually most helpful in cleansing the liver, so it makes perfect sense that drinking dandelion root tea will help your body purge itself of cholesterol or at least help balance things out.

6. Caffeine Detox

Dandelion root tea makes a great coffee substitute, its rich, dense flavor is so delicious making it the perfect beverage to help you eliminate or reduce your intake of caffeine. Try replacing your coffee with dandelion root tea to help overcome your addiction and cleanse your liver at the same time. Start with just one day at a time and when you get use to that routine, eliminate another coffee day and replace it with the tea. Follow this plan until you are completely off it and your overall health will improve as well. or if you want to quit quickly, try this caffeine remedy that will help you get off caffeine without headaches, thanks to dandelion and a few other key ingredients!

These are just a few of the benefits of drinking dandelion root tea, make sure you have it handy after your next big night out. It really is the best hangover cure ever!


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The Benefits & Side Effects of Nettle Leaf Tea

Stinging nettle is a plant in the genus Urtica that originated as a native shrub in colder regions of Europe and Asia and is now found worldwide. It gets its name from the fine hairs on its leaves and stems that release irritating chemicals when they contact your skin. The plant has been part of herbal medicine for centuries. Tea made from stinging nettle contains a number of biologically active compounds with possible health benefits.

Stinging Nettle

For hundreds of years, practitioners of herbal medicine have recommended stinging nettle as a treatment for the pain of arthritis and gout, for anemia, allergies and urinary problems or as a topical treatment for eczema, insect bites and painful muscles. The root and leaves of the plant contain several identified compounds that are biologically active, including flavonoids such as quercetin that have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from your body; these unstable chemicals can damage your cellular membranes and DNA. Nettle also contains several other compounds, including beta-sitosterol, a plant chemical with a structure similar to cholesterol that can benefit your heart by lowering absorption of dietary fats by your blood.


Consuming stinging nettle tea may help prevent seasonal allergies, or improve symptoms such as sneezing and itching caused by allergic rhinitis if you already have this problem. The results of a clinical trial of stinging nettle as a possible aid for allergies was published in the journal “Planta Medica.” After consuming a dried preparation of stinging nettle for one week, subjects with allergic rhinitis experienced a lessening of symptoms compared to a placebo group. Although this study suggests that nettle tea might be beneficial for allergies, this was a small trial and larger studies are needed to confirm its benefit.

Prostate Benefits

Preparations made from stinging nettle are traditional remedies for urinary tract disorders, especially benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH, in men. This non-cancerous condition causes enlargement of the prostate gland that can interfere with urination. Today, stinging nettle is widely used in Europe to treat the problem. Clinical research supports the herb’s usefulness for relief of BPH symptoms. For example, in a trial published in “Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy” that lasted six months and involved more than 600 subjects with BPH, 81 percent of subjects who consumed a nettle preparation experienced lessening of symptoms compared to a placebo group. In addition, Memorial Sloan-Kettering says that nettle may slow growth of prostate cancer in laboratory animals. However, clinical studies with human subjects are needed to confirm this possible benefit.

How To Use

Stinging nettle preparations are available at most health food stores, as dried leaves, tincture or extract made from leaves or roots. Prepare a tea by steeping 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried leaves in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes; to obtain benefits from both the leaves and root, add a few drops of a tincture or extract from its roots to your tea. Stinging nettle is generally considered safe, although it might cause mild stomach upset in some people and it could interact with certain medications. Exercise care when handling nettle since it might cause an allergic rash on your skin. Do not consume nettle tea if you are pregnant and do not use the herb to self-treat for any condition. Discuss its use with your doctor to determine if it might be helpful for you.

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Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea Immediately & How To Make Ginger Tea

Ginger is a superfood. It possesses an amazing ability to enhance immunity, improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

Ginger contains several essential oils that make up its distinct aroma and flavor: zingerone, shogaols, & gingerols. These oils are powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic agents. Ginger root promotes healthy digestion, boosts immunity, treats asthma, aids in cardiovascular health, relieves pain and much more.

Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger is a very effective remedy for headaches, flu, common cold and even sore muscles.  Due to ginger’s unique substances, it is able to naturally stop pain (preventing prostaglandins from setting off an inflammatory response in the body).

Regular consumption of  ginger tea strengthens the immune system. It contains great amounts of antioxidants that boosts immunity and helps fight off infections.

Just one cup of tea a day will minimize your chances of stroke, as ginger helps break down fat deposits that block arteries.

Due to the warming properties of ginger, it improves your blood circulation. Increased blood flow will improve the delivery of vitamins, minerals and oxygen to your body’s cells… aiding in overall health.

Ginger tea helps destroy the virus’ that cause common colds,  cold sores, and influenza.

Ginger Kills 76% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vivo: For the first time ever, researchers have discovered that not only is ginger extract extremely toxic to lung cancer cells, but it’s metabolites (break-down products) are even more toxic! They observed that 6-Gingerol, a major anti-cancer compound of ginger, was metabolized into 6-gingerdiol inside the cancer cells, and that this metabolite killed up to 76% of the lung cancer cells. Ginger extracts have already shown potent activity against prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and leukemia in previous lab studies, and this latest research has shed new light on exactly how ginger kills these cancer cells. And this super-herb’s health benefits extend beyond cancer. A recent clinical trial showed ginger improved insulin sensitivity and lowered insulin levels in adults with diabetes. And another study on middle aged women showed ginger to significantly improve memory and cognitive performance!

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